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Here you will find some of our latest previously sold coins and also our current coins for sale along with other information of coin fairs and auctions that we will be attending this year.
If you would like any advice on building a comprehensive collection of certified British gold or silver coins or are interested in buying any coin I currently have for sale then please contact me as below.

Furthermore if you have any further enquiries please feel free to contact me at any time Monday to Friday 9:00 - 18:30
You are welcome to send any photos of coins which you may have for sale and we will get back to you the same day with a competitive offer.

1893 proof sovereign

Coin Ltd are happy to offer you the following services:   
• Cash offers for the purchase of individual coins or an entire collection             
• Value your collection for insurance or probate                                                 
• Auction your collection or individual coins on our Ebay site                                    
• Get your coins graded securely and fully insured with PCGS   
proof gold coins
Gold Proof Coins are produced to a much higher standard of finish and are struck on special dies that are prepared carefully prior to striking, This makes the coin have superior bold and prominent features which have great eye appeal.

We have good stock of British gold proof coins and can acquire most years rather quickly or point you in the right direction. We pay the best market rate for for gold proof sovereigns in FDC condition. 

proof silver coins
Silver Proof Coins are also produced to a much higher standard of finish and similarly have special dies that are prepared carefully prior to striking,

Silver Proof coins usually have deep mirrored fields which complement the raised features.

Please see below to view the Royal Mint Shop for there current Silver Proof coins for sale 

mint state world coins
MS or Mint State Coins are struck in the same format as circulated coins issued. 

MS Applies to grades 60 to 70, we generally only sell coins in uncirculated condition unless the coin is of great importance (very rare).

Please see the eBay link below for some of our current coins for sale and auctions finishing 
this week.

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